Sporty Head is an online sports equipment review website. We try to ensure you wind up with the right equipment for you. We cover the latest snowboard equipment and every detail you need to know along the way so you can spend more time playing than researching.

We are completely independent and have no brand biases. We test and rate it as we feel it.

At Snowboarding Profiles, we test, review and compare snowboards and other snowboard gear in addition to helping people pick the best snowboard gear, specifically for them.

About the Authors



I live for the adventure and journey: snowboarder, mountain biker, surfer, and wake surfer. I am a professional athlete representative for a leading snowboard equipment manufacturer.


Dennis Leinarts is a snowboarder, equipment reviewer, and snowboard expert based in Colorado. He is the professional athlete representative for a leading snowboard equipment manufacturer and has over 12 years of experience as a professional snowboarder.


Works at The House. Snowboard Gear Reviewer Hi! I am Matt guff. I am a Professional Ski Instructor, an adrenaline junkie, and an avid snowboarder. I have stalked my fair share of local celebrity women, but I am always willing to get rejected first.


Monica J. Morse is a snowboarder, a Certified Snowboard Instructor, and Snowboard Equipment Reviewer.
Monica J. Morse lives in Toronto, Canada, with her husband and two daughters. Monica turned her love of snowboarding and skiing into a career as a snowboard equipment reviewer for The Toronto Star.


Richard M. Lafountain is a snowboarding enthusiast and qualified snowboard equipment, reviewer. He has written for magazines and blogs about snowboarding and was hired as a professional snowboarder’s equipment specialist. When he is not snowboarding, Richard enjoys reading, listening to music, and writing.


EVO, We’re a ski, snowboard, skate, bike, wake & surf shop, travel base & gathering place for the community with a cause. Tag #evoexplores & share w/ us!


Hi! I am John H. Pond, Born and raised in Colorado, have been pursuing the mountains since I was a kid. Whether I am snowboarding, hiking, biking, or climbing, I am always on the move.

Why We Created Sporty Head?

Sporty Head is a snowboard equipment review blog.

First, We spend so much money on skateboard and snowboard gear that I wanted to review the gear I was using myself.

The second reason is that by day We are full-time content writers. We need a website that We can use as an example or testing playground. This is Our blog site and passion project for that.

If you have a board that should be part of the reviews, contact us and I’d love to test it out.