Best Basketball Shoes for wide feet |Top 5| Comfort-Durability

This Blog is for the Wide footers out there. So, if you have wide feet and are looking for the best basketball shoes for wide feet? here are a few options that I strongly recommend.

If you have normal or narrow feet but you prefer a roomy fit while you play you can take a look at these options.

Keep in mind that I’m only going to be covering the newer releases this year. So, these are the ones that you can get right now.

Obviously, they’re all going to be good performers overall. But for the sake of this Blog, I’m just going to focus on the fit and whether the shoes provide decent room for your feet.

Adidas Trae Young 1

Adidas Trae Young 1 2023

Performance of the Adidas Trae Young 1:

Trae Young turned a lot of heads with his play during the 2020-2021 NBA playoffs. He also happened to debut his first signature shoe during this playoff run.
Now that the shoe is available to the public, reviewers agree that the traction is inconsistent. One mentions that the shoe picks up a lot of dust on dirtier courts.
All reviewers agree that cushioning is the best part of the shoe. The combination of Lightstrike throughout with Boost in the heel keeps the shoe low to the ground and comfortable.
The materials used provide structure and help the shoe feel sturdy around your foot.
If you can get a pair in the right size, there shouldn’t be a problem with the fit. One thing to note is that there aren’t many lace loops on the shoe; this makes it hard to customize the fit.
Support and lockdown get the job done when it comes to Trae’s first shoe with Adidas.
Who should buy the Adidas Trae Young 1?
Big men and quick guards are expected to enjoy the Trae Young 1 because it offers both impact protection and a court feel. 
Those who loved Damian Lillard’s shoes may also find this shoe satisfactory. It’s said that the Adidas Trae Young 1 is similar to the Adidas Dames in terms of performance.
Plushness and response in one
Lightstrike is better implemented in the Adidas Trae Young 1 than in the previous models, such as the Adidas Harden Vol. 5. The Adidas TY1 offers both impact protection and court feel, making both big men and guards happy.
One-with-the-foot feel and containment
This shoe has a one-piece upper that offers a one-to-one fit. It also has a heel counter and Boost midsole that sort of comes up the sides. All these features lock the foot down, giving the player one-of-a-kind stability and support.
The Adidas Trae Young 1 provides cushioning at its finest
What most players love most about this pair is it has to cushion that consists of a combination of Lightstrike throughout with Boost in the heel for extreme comfort and a low-to-the-ground feel.
The materials used to provide the structure provide a sturdy feel around the foot, which allows athletes to run around the court without any worries about it being too delicate for Basketball.


Speaking of shoes for wide feet the Adidas Trae Young 1 has got to be the first shoe that I want to mention.

So, when it comes to having wide feet some of you may have a wide forefoot some of you might have a wide midfoot.

Preferences can really be different but the Adidas Trae Young 1 really just fits it all for the wide footers out there.  So, these guys have like a very wide base.

It is a shoe with only three eyelets and I say that you can even go down the half size with these from your true size.

The Treyarch one is also a great performer, with an excellent core feel, and is very low to the ground. Sometimes having wide feet requires you to take a long time breaking in a new pair but these ones I think will take very minimal breaking time.

Well at least from my experience that is the case.

adidas Trae Young 1 Shoes Men's
adidas Trae Young 1 Shoes Men’s
  • Rubber sole
  • BOOST midsole
  • Imported

Nike KD 14

Nike KD 14 2023 best basketball shoes for wide feet
Detailed Review of Nike KD 14
The KD 14 is a larger, if somewhat bulky shoe, that puts a high emphasis on both comfort and lockdown. Despite the size, it’s easy to manage and keeps you secure through a series of straps. You get a lot of power from the tough design and durable construction.

The shoe won’t be for those who value more streamlined or simple shoes, but any player who wants a sturdy-but-comfortable shoe will enjoy the plethora of features packed into the sleek model.
If there’s one area in the KD 14 that excels, it’s comfort. The shoe is incredibly soft and feels great on your feet. That’s mainly due to the special padding placed in key areas of the design. Not only does that better protect your foot, but it makes it so you can play for long periods of time.

Adding to that is the ventilation. The model comes with a unique multilayer mesh upper that’s both flexible and breathable. It actively wicks away moisture in order to keep your feet dry both on and off the court.

The only downside here is that the shoes take a while to break in. They are undoubtedly comfortable once they’re game-ready, but it can take a little bit to get to that point. Not the end of the world, but I would have preferred them to be better right out of the box.
As with so many modern Nike shoes, the KD 14s are incredibly responsive. That’s largely due to the combination of Zoom Strobel and cushion midsole. Both of those mix together perfectly to give you impact protection and responsiveness. 

These work with you rather than against you. You’re never going to feel stuck in place, especially when you need to make a quick cut or shifty move. That’s incredibly important for wings and guards, but it’s great for big men who need to make quick spins as well.
Sturdiness is another area where the KD 14 gets high marks. As they are larger than many similar models, they have an inherent toughness to their construction that allows them to withstand a lot of abuse. These will hold up, even when used by the most dedicated players.


Next up this is one that some of you pointed out that I missed out on in one of my previous. I was thinking that the Nike KD 14 is already going to be coming out very soon. That’s why I didn’t want to mention it on the list but regardless I’m going to throw this one on this list and that is the Nike KD 14

The Nike KD 14 just has so many good performance aspects to it and the fit I wouldn’t really say that it caters specifically to wide footers but as you can see from the top the shape of the shoe is pretty bulky and the wrap around your feet is actually very comfortable.

the Nike KD 14 gives you some nice room in the midfoot as well and what is different from the Adidas Trae Young 1 is that you should go true to size or even half size for the best fit.

So, from my experience, I think this is a shoe that makes your feet look shorter in length when you play in these on the court.

If that makes sense so maybe this tells you that in terms of width, this has to be wide enough for a lot of us.

3 pair of best basketball shoes for wide feet
Nike Men’s Shoes KD 14 Black White

Adidas Dame 8

Adidas Dame 8 2023 best basketball shoes for wide feet



Champions are made in the ring. Damian Lillard brings that mentality to the hardwood. These signature shoes from Dame and Adidas Basketball are all about Lillard’s love for the sweet science — a love he cultivated as a child from outside the ring and has built on through rigorous off-season training sessions. It’s all about preparation for when the game is on the line, and the shiny graphics inspired by boxing robes let Dame’s opponents know he’s ready to rumble.


  • Regular fit
  • Lace closure
  • Textile upper
  • Cushioned feel
  • Textile lining
  • Bounce Pro midsole
  • Imported
  • Product color: Cloud White / Silver Metallic / Gold Metallic
  • Product code: GY1755



Dual-density Bounce Pro cushioning provides the ideal ratio between energy return, cushioning, and support.


Aggressive outsole traction patterns allow for maximum grip during quick cuts, picks & rolls, and crossovers to blow by your defender.


TPU support plate provides stability to maximize force transfer for explosive on-court movements.


All right another one on this list is Adidas Dame 8. The Adidas Dame 8 is very wide-foot friendly. The cushioning feels amazing.

Sliding movements and all that stuff give your foot a decent room in there. And it also has a wide base.

I feel like the nice room you get in the toe area is a highlight of these and speaking of the toe area fit, they’re just some shoes that have a very narrow fit that you should probably try to avoid.

While we’re on this I think Adidas really has some decent releases of signature models. Released recently and from what I’ve heard the Adidas Harden Vol.6 is also a wide feet friendly shoe as well.

So, I still don’t have them yet but we’ll provide some updates as we go. It’s not surprising, right? I mean Adidas Harden Vol.6 shoes in general do allow more room for your foot.

adidas Unisex-Adult Dame 8 Basketball Shoe
Adidas Unisex-Adult Dame 8 Basketball Shoe

One of the best basketball shoes for wide feet is ‘Nike LeBron 19 Low

Nike Lebron 19 Low Basketball Shoes

Another shoe that is the best basketball shoes for wide feet is the Nike LeBron 19 Low identical fit to the LeBron 19s. But in the 19s I really didn’t like myself. I didn’t think they were a good performer

So, we’re just going to focus on the lows. Here an improvement of these compared to the LeBron 18 lows is the materials.

They are thinner and softer whereas the 18 lows can feel really stiff at first. So, the softer and more stretchy materials really helped make these wide feet friendly and you can go true to size with these as well.

Product Details


LeBron plays less in the paint and more at the point, so it makes sense that he wants to feel a little quicker. His 19th signature gives you the feeling of containment but with a lower, lighter design that’s ideal for fast, strong players like LeBron who stretch the court.
Power Under Pressure
A thick, visible Max Air unit cushions your heel when it strikes the floor.
Harnessed Energy
Nike React technology is a lightweight, durable foam that delivers a smooth, responsive ride. It’s exposed along the sides and caged in front with a sculpted TPU overlay.
Light and Strong
The translucent woven material in the upper is durable yet lightweight. An overlay across the toes provides forefoot stability.
More Benefits
Foam pods on the collar provide ankle support.
Rubber outsole gives you multidirectional traction.
Shown: Black/University Red/White
Style: DH1270-001
Nike Lebron 19 Low Basketball Shoes
Nike Lebron 19 Low Basketball Shoes

Jordan Why Not Zer0.5 Wide feet basketball shoes

And lastly, I’m going to throw a surprise pick here and that is the Jordan Why Not Zer0.5. I think Westbrook himself has wide feet. So, that’s why his signature shoes mostly give you sufficient room in the forefoot, especially from the look of it.

They might not look like they can be good for wide-footers but trust me they are a hell of comfortable. So, going true to size is fine with the why not. That’s it for this blog we basically, briefly went through some of the best basketball shoes for wide feet.

So, these are ones that you can get right now and pretty much easily find available in stores and also online but let me know in the comments if you think that I missed out on any good ones that belong to this list.

Also, feel free to tell me which other categories of shoes you’d like to see.


  • Dependable traction on rough surfaces
  • Forefoot Zoom feels nice and explosive
  • Wraparound comfort
  • No need to break the shoe in
  • Effective lockdown mechanisms
  • Wide-footer friendly
  • Feels really light on the foot
  • Ready for the outdoors
  • Great for everyday wear


  • So-so heel compression
  • Cheap-feeling materials
  • Tongue not padded enough

Who should buy the Jordan Why Not Zer0.5

This Jordan basketball shoe is going to suit you so well if you are looking for a shoe that:

  • accommodates wide feet
  • is really light and supportive
  • doubles as a lifestyle sneaker
  • hits the ground running; no need to break in
  • works well on rough outdoor courts

All right, that’s all for the best basketball shoes for wide feet in 2023

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is Kobe 6 good for wide feet?

The Kobe 6 is generally not ideal for wide feet due to its narrow and snug fit. Individuals with wide feet may find it uncomfortable and may need to consider other shoe options with more accommodating designs.

Do kyries fit wide feet?

Kyrie Irving’s basketball shoes tend to run narrow, so they may not be the best fit for wide feet. It’s recommended to try them on in-store or opt for wider models or different brands catering to wide-footed individuals.

What Jordans are good for wide feet?

Jordan 1s and Jordan 4s are generally considered suitable for wide feet. Both models offer enough room in the toe box and midfoot, accommodating wider feet comfortably. It’s essential to try them on before purchasing to ensure the best fit.

What shoes do most NBA players wear?

Most NBA players commonly wear signature shoes from major athletic brands like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour. Brands like Nike’s Jordan, LeBron, and KD lines, Adidas’ Harden and Damian Lillard lines, and Under Armour’s Curry shoes are popular choices among NBA players for their performance and style.

Are Jordan 6 good for wide feet?

Yes, the Jordan 6 is known for having a reasonably accommodating fit, making them suitable for some individuals with wide feet. However, personal preferences may vary, and it’s advisable to try them on before purchasing to ensure the best fit and comfort.

Is the Lebron 20 good for wide feet?

Yes, the LeBron 20 is a good option for individuals with wide feet. Its design often incorporates a roomy toe box and accommodating upper, providing comfort and support for those with wider foot structures.

Which shoe brands offer wide width?

Some shoe brands that offer wide-width options include New Balance, ASICS, Brooks, Clarks, Skechers, and Birkenstock. These brands recognize the importance of accommodating customers with wider feet and provide a range of styles and sizes to ensure a comfortable fit.

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