Chamonix Snowboard Review

Matt Guff

Hey everybody it’s Matt. In this article, I’m going to review Chamonix Snowboard From Chamonix for the 2022-2023 season…

let’s check these out all right for park boards we’re gonna check out 

The cobra ltd

Definitely has a really cool shape on this one and the nose and the tail just for some fun

gets rid of a little bit of swing weight too. This board is actually going to be a flat tiny bit of rocker in the nose and the tail.

Chamonix Snowboard Review  2023  
The cobra ltd  best snowboard

so it’s super stable on landings and on rails and boxes and stuff. But you get a little bit of that catch-free feel up in the nose and the tail.

we’re gonna have a Polonia poplar core and carbon stringers in this thing. So a really good spring, really good pop and adds a lot of stability too. It is definitely, a board that you can ride in the park and it actually holds its own outside of the park as well.

The standard coverage has a little bit more of a traditional rounded-shaped nose and it’s got an extruded base or this one is the centric base but yeah definitely one of my favorite shapes for the 2022-2023 season.

Product Details

Key Features of Chamonix Lognan Snowboard

  • Poplar wood core
  • Sidewall construction
  • Twin shape
  • Camber Profile
  • Extruded Base
  • 3/10 Flex


TypeAll Mountain
Mounting Pattern2×4
Ability LevelEntry Level, Intermediate



Chamonix makes budget snowboards that can work for beginners but fall short of offering high performance.



These boards will get you by on the mountain but won’t allow your skills to shine.



Well built, especially for their price, Chamonix snowboards can hold up under regular use for multiple seasons.



Basic boards that don’t feature much innovation or technology.



The most significant upside to these boards is their very affordable price, making them a good value.

Arctix Women's Chamonix Jacket
Arctix Women’s Chamonix Jacket
  • 100% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Zipper closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Superior warmth and comfort
  • Designed and engineered to offer more flexibility, accurate sizing, and a comfortable fit
  • Rigorously tested in extreme winter weather

All right next up we have 

The Geant

Which stands for a giant. this board is basically one of the best boards of the lineup so you kind of ride everywhere. It’s a twin tip board you can still set the stance back a little bit if you want to ride outside the park you can get into some powder


It’s sturdy enough that it’s not going to mush on you but twin tip boards so having a blast in the parking jumps and rails and all that stuff it features a rockered camber shape.

So, we’re getting that nice easy catch-free feel but we’re still getting lots of power in the nose and tail and extra stability by having those two cambered sections.

Extrude a base on this one to help keep the price down a bit but definitely a super good-looking board and a really really good bang

Product Details

Key Features of Chamonix Geant Snowboard

  • Extruded Base
  • Poplar+ Hardwood Stringers
  • Rocker Profile
  • Twin Shape
  • 5/10 Flexi


TypeAll Mountain
CamberHybrid, Rocker/Camber
Mounting Pattern2×4
Ability LevelEntry Level, Intermediate


Effective Edge118.6125.4
Waist Width26.425.5

For the buck, if you want that one board that can do everything next up is going to be 

The Motivon 

So, a pretty stiff board if you want something that you can go fast and carve hard on this is definitely the model to look at traditional camber throughout the entire board so super aggressive.


It’s actually a lot of camber to it too. So super aggressive feel always wants to be on edge it is a directional shape and then you will also see that it’s got carbon stringers in it too to give you that extra spring and that extra Pop.

But  you’d like to go fast and dig trenches

Product Details

Key Features of Chamonix Motivon Snowboard

  • Sintered Base
  • Poplar+ Hardwood Stringers
  • Carbon Stringers
  • Camber Profile
  • Directional Shape
  • 8/10 Flex


Overall Length156161166
Effective Edge122.9126.8130.8
Contract Length121.5125.4129.4
Nose/Tail Length19.5/1520.1/15.520.8/15.9
Nose/Tail Width30.9/30.431.1/30.531.8/30.7
Waist Width26.226.526.6
Sidecut Depth2.32.32.5
Nose Radius34.435.837.8
Sidecut Radius8.38.58.5
Tail Radius25.82728.6
Set Back-15-15-15
Stance Width46-5846-5848-60
Rider Weight120-165145-185165+


TypePowder, Freeride
ShapeTapered, Directional
WidthWide, Regular
Mounting Pattern2×4
Sidewall TypeSidewall
CorePoplar + Hardwood Stringers
Stance Setback1.5 cm
Ability LevelIntermediate
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year

motivon and for powerboards we’re gonna check out 

The Chemin 

The big tapered shape on this one setback stance swallows the tail. This is basically that board where you’re gonna just go out and laugh all day long in the powder.


We get all those features in the tail making it nice and small. That’s gonna sit the tail down in the snow.

Nice big long nose lets this thing rise up so basically the end of the day you don’t have legs burning from right sitting back too far and riding powder all day. 

Also, this thing has got some hardwood stringers for them to love too which helps stir it up too. So it’s not getting too soft on you and bogging down in the powder.

check out the price of this thing.

Product Details

  • Recommend Downsizing 5-10cm
  • Sintered Base
  • Poplar+ Hardwood Stringers
  • Powder Profile
  • Directional Shape
  • Swallow Tail
  • 8/10 Flex



TypePowder, Freeride, All Mountain
Shape3D Profile, Directional, Swallow Tail, Volume Shifted
CamberHybrid, Powder Profile
FlexMedium/Stiff, 8/10
Mounting Pattern2×4
Sidewall TypeSidewall
CorePoplar+ Hardwood Stringers
Stance Setback5.2cm
Ability LevelAdvanced, Intermediate


Length (cm)149156
Effective Edge (cm)99.2106.2
Tip Width (cm)30.631
Tail Width (cm)2828.3
Waist Width (cm)25.926.1
Sidecut (m)1617

If you always wanted to add a pal board to your quiver but know you didn’t have the extra money to spend this is a perfect way.

I know this article is about Chamonix Snowboard Review You may also find these useful

next up in bindings we’re gonna check out the

Caden binding

super cool binding real cool looking binding too. We got that asymmetrical high back so it kind of basically fits with your boot when you crank a little bit of angle on your stance.

caden binding 2023

You still have a little bit of a taller high back On the outside you know get behind your boot. Also doing the 3d contoured strap. So it’s a little softer here and stiffer in the middle and it basically gives you that nice soft easy feel comfort-wise.

But really really quick edge to edge. Also on this one too we’re doing the minimalist toe strap so you don’t necessarily need a lot on your toe strap. You just need something that holds you in and locks you down. 

So they basically took out all the bells and whistles that you don’t need and gave you exactly what you do need to help lock your foot into the binding.

Product Details

  • Ankle Strap: 3D Profile
  • Toe Strap: Toe Cap
  • Baseplate Padding: Toe and Heel
  • Baseplate: Polycarbonate
  • Flex: Medium
  • Compatibility: 2×4, 4×4


TypeFreestyle, All Mountain
Compatibility2×4, 4×4
Recommended UseAdvanced, Beginner, Intermediate

 All right next up checkout 

The Motivon Binding 

So from the Caden, it’s kind of like a step up from that one we got a little bit more support added to the side of this thing. super comfy plush strap on this thing.

chamonix snowboard motivon binding 2023

Basically feels like you’re standing on your board with your boots laced up tight and then on this one too. Definitely check out the honeycomb high back so a little more substantial high back.

But with that honeycomb actually gives a lot of flex side to side but when you lean back on it is still nice and sturdy so the Motivon.

Product Details

  • Ankle Strap: 3D Profile
  • Toe Strap: Toe Cap
  • Baseplate Padding: Toe and heel
  • Baseplate: Polycarbonate
  • Flex: Medium
  • Compatibility: 2×4, 4×4


TypeFreestyle, All Mountain
Entry MethodConventional Strap
Compatibility2×4, 4×4
Recommended UseAdvanced, Beginner, Intermediate

all right check out some boots right off the bat we got 

The Caden Boot 

So a lot of similar features from this from the Lognan boot but with the 3d molded tongue we’ve got it’s got that rubber sole with those ice grip.

caden boot 2023

One of the really cool things about this boot though is that it actually has a full synthetic leather boot.

 Getting rid of those textile panels it’s actually just making the boot a little sturdier.

You know get a little quicker reaction it also helps make the boot last a little bit longer. But yeah definitely got that affordable one boot that you can do anything on the park to pow and everywhere in between.


  • The Men’S Caden Boots Are Ready To Advance With You As You Keep Building Up Your Skills On The Slopes Season After Season. They Feature A Medium Flex, Making Them A Great Option For All Levels Of Experience.
  • These Snowboard Boots Have A Durable Construction With A Synthetic Leather Shell, Double Reinforced Stitching, And A Supportive Spine.
  • The 3D-Molded Single Density Liner Keeps Your Feet Warm While The Foot-Bed Allows Your Feet To Stay Comfortable.
  • With Multi-Traction Grip And Ice Spikes On The Outsole, You Can Feel Confident While You’Re Strapped Onto Your Board As Well As When You’re Walking Around.
  • Fit Tip: Order A 1/2 Size Larger Than Your Shoe Size

Boot Interior Details

  • Liner: 3D Molded Single Density, Internal J-Bars, Reinforced Heel Pocket, Flex Stretch Toe Box
  • Liner Lacing System: Integrated, Locking Pull Handle
  • Footbed: Single Density, 3D Contour, Plush Top

All right well thanks for checking out Chamonix Snowboard Review from Chamonix for the 2023 season.

If you have any questions about these boards, boots, bindings or any of the other stuff leave us some comments below.

We’re on there every day answering your questions trying to get you into the best stuff.

And yeah definitely get out and ride any day of riding is a good day.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you snowboard in Chamonix?

Yes, you can snowboard in Chamonix. It’s a popular destination for snowboarders, offering a wide variety of terrain and excellent off-piste opportunities in the Mont Blanc region of the French Alps.

Do Chamonix boards come waxed?

Yes, Chamonix snowboards typically come pre-waxed from the factory, ensuring a smooth ride right out of the box. However, it is recommended to reapply wax periodically for optimal performance and longevity.

Is Chamonix OK for beginners?

Yes, Chamonix can be challenging for beginners due to its steep terrain and advanced slopes. It is more suitable for intermediate and advanced skiers and snowboarders. Beginners may find other ski resorts with gentler slopes more appropriate for their skill level.

Is Chamonix a luxury?

Chamonix can offer luxury experiences with upscale accommodations, fine dining, and premium activities, but it caters to a range of budgets. It’s renowned for its stunning natural beauty and world-class outdoor adventures, making it an attractive destination for various types of travelers.

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