HJC Snowmobile Helmet Review |Top 4| 2023

Hey, my name is Andy Wenzlaff (Race Sled: Switchback XCR). Today I’m going to review HJC Snowmobile Helmet. For Me and my family, winters have always revolved around snowmobiling.

I began riding as a child, and my favorite aspect is that it’s a sport the entire family can be involved in and enjoy.

HJC is a company that produces a variety of helmets, including those for snowmobiling. Their snowmobile helmets are designed to provide both protection and comfort for the rider while on the trails.

They typically feature a durable outer shell, a comfortable liner, and ventilation to help keep the rider cool. They also often include features such as a built-in visor and audio system compatibility to enhance the rider’s experience.

HJC Helmets CS-R3SN Unisex-Adult Full Face Snow Helmet

From the number one helmet brand worldwide HJC introduces the latest generation CS series. The all-new CS-R3 is a full-face 3D helmet that is sure to redefine your perception of what an affordable helmet should be.

Featuring precision injection molded polycarbonate composite construction this lightweight CAD-engineered shell streamlines aerodynamics resulting in a quiet well balanced ride allowing you to enjoy the road without distraction.

 HJC Helmets CS-R3SN Unisex-Adult Full Face Snow Helmet

Superior fit as a result of a data-driven CAD model EPS impact liner combined with plush moisture wicking in all ex-interior features a hassle-free installation and removal system to simplify cleaning and maintenance relief from big summer heat comes.

Thanks to the advanced ventilation system comprised of a sizeable adjustable chin bar fin and two adjustable front intakes linked internally through two integrated sauce pans allowing internal heat and humidity to flow up through and out.

Complementing all this comfort is a CS-R3 optically superior 3D face shield secured by the rapid-fire shield. The replacement system provides an excellent seal against the elements plus hassle-free installation and removal.

Top shelf features and precision engineering are surprisingly inexpensive considering the affordable helmet category redefined.


SizeCheek PadsLiner


ACS Advanced Channeling ventilation system
Plush, Nylex Interior
RapidFire Shield Replacement System
Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell
D.O.T. Approved
HJC Helmets CS-R3SN Unisex-Adult Full Face Snow Helmet with Framed Electric Shield
HJC Helmets CS-R3SN Unisex-Adult Full Face Snow Helmet with Framed Electric Shield

HJC Helmets i90 Modular Electric Snowmobile Helmet 

Hello everyone Sebastian here and today we’ll be taking a look at the HJC I90 and subjecting it to our road test if you’re a fan of the R490 is looking to get a 90 yes but don’t want to commit to the higher price tags than HJC have brought you the i-90.

So, the i-90 is more like a budget version of the RPHA 90 but that doesn’t mean you’re not getting some of those nice R490 features.

HJC Helmets i90 Modular Electric Snowmobile Helmet

This is still a modular helmet it’s one-handed. It’s got double homologation which just means that it’s been tested with the chin bar up and down though is still not recommended to ride with the chin bar up.

Again the i90 is giving you the same options as its older brother. It also uses HJC’s a/c as a ventilation system to give you as much cooling as possible which is really important for riding in nicer or hotter weather.

Since you’ve got some nice large bends here you’ve got one in the chin that is quite big you can adjust it.  You’ve also got one in the crown there you can adjust and all of that hot air will be coming out through the exhaust.

Here in the back for noise isolation, this helmet also does pretty well according to our rider.  You’re getting the same package as the 90s so this means you’re getting an HJC 33 visor with an anti-fog pin lock in the box and the visors anti-scratch and anti-UV.

It also gives you a nice field of vision and the helmet comes with an integrated Sun Visor which you can operate using a slider on the side of the helmet.

This helmet uses ice Jaycees rapid-fire visor replacement system so all you need to do is lift up the visor. It’s really easy and you just pull these two toggles down on either side and it pretty much just pops out on its own.


E.C.E and D.O.T. Approved
Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell: Lightweight, superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology.
Integrated Sunshield: Black Dark Smoke sun shield deploys quickly and easily with the new wire operation system with an easy-to-reach lever position.
HJ-33 FRAMELESS SNOW SHIELD: Electric Snow Shield (HJP 1612-461). Frameless shields features; increased field of vision, integrated exhaust ventilation, and QuickSlide Tool-less Shield Replacement System. The electric shield comes complete with a power cord (12’ 13.6V DC or AC current from the engine).
SuperCool Interior with advanced anti-bacterial fabric: Provides enhanced moisture-wicking and quick-drying functions, superior to the previous generation.
Crown and cheek pads: Removable and washable -Retention: Double D-ring -Glass grooves: Accommodates riders who wear eyeglasses and sunglasses
RapidFire™ Shield Replacement System: Simple and secure shield ratchet system provides ultra-quick, toolless removal and installation for efficient operation. – Comes with Breathguard and Chin Curtain.
Integrated sun shield HJ-V9 Black Dark Smoke -Speaker Pockets: For Bluetooth communication
Smart HJC READY: (BT sold separately)
Weight: Xs to Sm 3.74 lbs. (1,695 +/- 35g) Md to Lg 3.79 lbs. (1,720 +/- 35g) Xl to 2Xl 3.97 lbs. (1,800 +/- 35g)
HJC Helmets i90 Modular Electric Snowmobile Helmet
HJC Helmets i90 Modular Electric Snowmobile Helmet

HJC CL-Y Youth Snowmobile Helmet

HJC is the world’s number 1 helmet manufacturer by volume which means they make more helmets than anybody else.

They’ve been an industry leader for a number of decades. They know what they’re doing they make a great kid’s helmet so this is a polycarbonate true dot which means it’s a street a legal snowmobile helmet.

Here the reason it’s a snowmobile helmet instead of just a typical motorcycle helmet is this gnarly face shield. This is a dual-pane Shield that’s meant to keep the shield from Foggy.

HJC Helmets CL-Y Youth Helmet

It’s going to manage the temperature differential from the inside to the outside and it means your kids going to see where they’re going which is important.

 It’s right around 100 bucks. Intermediate oval. It was 2.6 pounds. It is like I said before and they have sizes small through large remember the main benefit of buying a true youth helmet is you can see how compact it is.

Putting an adult-size helmet on a small child is a bad idea because they are heavier, they are bigger, they drag more wind, and they’re just not safe on their neck.

So if you got a kid get them a true kid’s helmet. It’s a worthwhile investment. Dual pane lens like I’m talking about that’s what this is all about pops open Easy Peasy.

You have ventilation under here you can flip on and on. You also have a chin bar vent. Here the other thing that makes it a snowmobile helmet as opposed to this a normal motorcycle helmet is the breath deflector and breath box that is all built-in here and you can see it right behind the breath guard.

What that’s going to do is it’s going to keep your little monster I mean your child’s breath from going up onto the face shield and fogging it up.


Injection-molded thermoplastic shell
Wind tunnel-tested aerodynamics
Extra large eye port for greater visibility
Eyeglass friendly design
Two rear Venturi exhaust vents
DOT approved
Soft storage bag included
100% protection from harmful UV rays
Dual-density EPS (expanded polystyrene) liner
Flow-through ventilation system: forehead and front/side vortex vents
4-position positive-lock ratchet HJ-05 face shield with scratch-resistant coating
Quarter turn quick release screws
Optically-correct one-piece design
Quarter turn quick release screws
Wrap-around neck roll reduces wind noise
Nylex interior liner with sewn-in top pad
cly helmets 2023
HJC Helmets CL-Y Youth Helmet

HJC i90 Davan Snowmobile Helmet – Dual Lens

The HJC i9D helmet is the budget version of HJC’s R490 and ARPHA 9D. This helmet provides many similar features though at a lower price and slightly lower quality.

The shell of the HJC i90 is made of a polycarbonate composite, which is a fairly standard material for modular helmets. Don’t expect any surprises from that standpoint. This helmet comes in three shell sizes.

HJC i90 Davan Snow Helmets black

Though it does weigh a bit more at about 1720 grams in a size M. For ventilation, the i90 offers one large adjustable chin vent to blow air through the front of the helmet and on the visor.

There’s another adjustable bend at the top of the helmet to let more air in this hot air then all leaves to the rear of the helmet. To exhaust the i90 comes with an HJC 33 visor with an anti-fog hemlock visor in the box.

The visor uses HJC’s rapid fire by the replacement system. The helmet also comes with an integrated Sun Visor. The lining of the i90 is antibacterial washable moisture wicking and removable. The liner is mainly of entry-level quality the helmet comes in a range of colors and graphics.


Lightweight polycarbonate composite shell 
Aerodynamic advanced CAD shape with enlarged eye port for +10mm greater visibility
Upgraded center one-touch open/close locking system
ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System with seven intake vents and two exhaust venturi vents at the rear spoiler
The chin bar vent flows air across the face shield to help eliminate shield fogging
SuperCool® moisture-wicking interior uses advanced anti-bacterial, quick-drying fabric
DOT and ECE approved (3XL – 5XL DOT only)
D-ring chin strap closure
Adjustable to three positions speaker pockets 
Larger HJ-V9 drop-down internal sun visor 
The patented One-Touch sun shield mechanism deploys and retracts quickly and easily with three riding positions
Breath deflector and chin curtain included
The Bluetooth-ready design accepts SMART HJC 10B or 20B Bluetooth communicators
Rapidfire™ shield replacement system requires no tools for quick, easy face shield changes

All right this is all about HJC Snowmobile Helmet. If you have any questions leave them in the comment below.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of helmet is best for snowmobiling?

A full-face snowmobile helmet is best for snowmobiling. It provides superior protection for your head and faces from potential impacts and harsh weather conditions. Ensuring safety and comfort during your rides.

Are HJC helmets any good?

Yes, HJC helmets are generally considered good and reputable in the motorcycle industry. They offer a range of high-quality helmets with good safety features and comfort, making them a popular choice among riders.

What country is HJC made in?

HJC helmets are primarily manufactured in South Korea.

What is the difference between a motorcycle helmet and a snowmobile helmet?

A motorcycle helmet is designed for protection during motorcycle riding, providing aerodynamics and impact resistance. A snowmobile helmet is optimized for colder temperatures and typically features a double-lens visor to prevent fogging. Ensuring clear vision in snowy conditions.

How do I choose a snowmobile helmet?

Select a snowmobile helmet that fits snugly, provides proper ventilation, and has safety certifications like DOT or Snell. Look for additional features like anti-fog visors and breath guards to enhance comfort and visibility during winter rides. Prioritize safety and comfort above all else.

Do you need a full-face helmet to snowmobile?

Yes, it is essential to wear a full-face helmet while snowmobiling for maximum protection. Helmets provide crucial head and face coverage, safeguarding riders from potential injuries and harsh weather conditions.

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