How long does it take to learn how to Snowboard?

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Wassup guys Dennis here from Snowboardprocamp. In this beginner snowboard Blog, I’m gonna talk to you guys about how long it should take you to learn to snowboard.

I’ll take you through all the beginner steps from putting your snowboard on for the very first time and then how long it takes to get to that point where you’re linking your first beginner turns.

All right so starting off with learning to strap your board on skate around and also learning to do some one-footed stops.

Taking this time to learn how to skate is really important to get you to the chairlift and being able to ride with one foot and stop is really important for getting off of the chairlift.

So, all these skills of skating learning to stop with one foot. If you spend 20 to 40 minutes it’s really gonna give you that foundation to continue snowboarding and learning the rest of the skills.

The next thing you want to learn is how to heal slide and for heal sliding, you want to spend about an hour to an hour and half sliding on your heels.

By sliding on your heels, you’re gonna learn how to stop your snowboard and you’re also gonna learn how to move from side to side.

By leaning more weight onto one foot and pointing in the direction that you want to go by spending that time sliding back and forth and learning to stop. It’s going to develop those skills that you’ll use later and link your turns.

The next step is very similar to the heels but this time you’re on your toes and you want to spend another hour to an hour and a half on your toe edge.

learning pretty much the same skills how to stop on your toes also how to learn and look in the direction you want to go.

If you spend an equal amount of time as you do on your heels it’s just gonna set you up to have all the skills you need to link your turns.

If you have some trouble with your toe sliding at the start you can also get a friend to hold your hand until you find your balance.

So, at this point, you’re about three hours in and it may be the early to late afternoon for a lot of people.
This is a great first day of snowboarding but if you feel like you’re progressing quickly you can move on to doing your first turns for your first beginner snowboard turns.

It should take you from an hour and a half to two hours to learn the key with the snowboard. Turns is really finding that mellow area to start sliding letting your board go straight and flat for one second and then getting on to that new edge and controlling your speed.

Getting your first few turns is another skill that you can get a friend to fold your hands through the first few turns until you’re feeling comfortable and you’ve got the balance.

Another thing to help you get those first few turns is turning your shoulders in the direction that you want to turn.
So, for the heel turn face your chest and shoulders to the bottom of the slope, and for the toe turn to turn your chest and shoulders to the top of the slope.

The most common mistake with those first turns is trying to turn too quickly. So take your time let your board run straight for a second and ease your way into that next turn.

So just to recap guys you’re gonna be spending 20 to 40 minutes learning to skate and stop on one foot preparing yourself for the chairlift.

You’re gonna spend another hour to an hour and a half learning to slide on your heels another hour to an hour and a half learning to slide on your toes and then finally an hour and a half to two hours getting those first turns down.

From my experience some people can get to those beginner turns by the end of the first day but for some people, it may take that second day and a little bit of warming up. And refresher on that second day before finally getting to linking those beginner turns.

Just remember though that everyone learns at their own pace so take your time out there. It’s all about having fun and being safe.

All right guys that’s all about “how long does it take to learn how to snowboard?”. If you guys have any questions for me leave them down in the comments.

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