Rawlings Softball Gloves |Top 5| Review & Buying Guide

Hey everybody how’s it going? my name is John, I am a professional softball player and in this blog, we are Going to talk about Rawlings Softball Gloves.

Rawlings shut out fastpitch softball series

rawlings shut out fastpitch softball series


I have a 13-inch model that is recommended for outfield players but this series also comes with a 12-and-a-half-inch model and another 12-and-a-half-inch model. And the difference in these is the difference in the closed basket webbing they are both two different kinds.

Now, these gloves are both recommended for infielders, outfielders, pitchers, and the last level. You see here is a 33-centimeter catcher’s mitt which obviously is recommended for catchers.

All of these gloves that come in almost game ready to play there are 80% broken in at the factory so the player only has to do about 20% of it.

So, it’s a pretty game-ready feel from the time you get these gloves. Well, this one right here comes with an adjustable Velcro strap as well as this 12-and-a-half-inch model but these other gloves come with a pull strap pack that will help you still customize the glove’s fit but it’s just in a little bit of a different way.

These gloves all come with a club with a type of clothes basket webbing with the exception of the catcher’s mitt. These gloves feel and fit really nicely. So, this has a really nice comfortable feel. It feels snug but it’s not too loose or too tight.

So, it feels right for the hand of a female athlete. These gloves come in a black and tan color which will really help you look the best you can.

Whenever you’re on the field these gloves are very versatile. So, both of these two gloves like I said are recommended for infielders, outfielders, and pitchers.

Well, this one is just an outfield glove so if your player is out there looking for a new glove you should try one from the Rawlings shutout series.

About this Gloves

DESIGNED AS A UTILITY GLOVE FOR INFIELDERS, OUTFIELDERS, OR PITCHERS this 12.5-inch fastpitch softball glove with Basket Web design will have the player making plays all over the field
SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR THE HAND SIZE OF THE FEMALE ATHLETE this glove provides the ultimate level of comfort and control. Lining: Pro Micro
ADJUSTABLE VELCRO STRAP allows for a custom fit on any female hand size
FULL-GRAN LEATHER for enhanced durability and ZERO SHOCK PALM padding for enhanced impact protection.80% FACTORY / 20% PLAYER BREAK-IN makes this glove playable right out of the box with minimal break-in needed. LEFT-HAND THROW (Glove goes on right hand).department name: girls.Right Hand Orientation Right Hand Throw / Left Hand Orientation Left Hand Throw


  • Back: Velcro Strap
  • Fit: Narrow
  • Level: Adult
  • Padding: Zero Shock Palm Pad
  • Player Break-In:20
  • Series: Shut Out
  • Shell: Full Grain Leather
  • Sport: Softball
  • Throwing Hand: Right
  • Web: Basket
  • Age Group: High School,14U,12U,10U

Rawlings Gloves Sizing (Baseball)

LevelAgePositionGlove Size
T-Ball3 to 6 years oldAll Positions8.5″ – 10″
Youth7 to 12 years old1st Base11.5″ – 12″
Youth7 to 12 years oldInfield10.25″ – 11.5″
Youth7 to 12 years oldOutfield11.5″ – 12.25″
Adult12+ years old1st Base12″ – 13″
Adult12+ years oldInfield11.25″ – 12″
Adult12+ years oldOutfield12″ – 12.75″

Rawlings Gloves Sizing (Softball)

LevelTypePositionGlove Size
YouthFastpitchInfield10.5″ – 11″
YouthFastpitchOutfield11″ – 11.5″
AdultFastpitchInfield11.5″ – 12″
AdultFastpitchOutfield/1st Base12″ – 13″
AdultSlowpitchInfield12″ – 13″
AdultSlowpitchOutfield12.5″ – 14″
rawlings softball gloves
Rawlings | Shut Out Softball Glove Series| Youth | Multiple Styles

Rawlings U | Heart of The Hide 12-Inch Softball Gloves

Rawlings U Heart of The Hide 12-Inch Softball Glove


This 12-inch 716 pattern has a nice deep bowl pocket but it still allows you to have a quick transfer. It also features a lace basket web which is our most popular web in Rawlings Heart of the Hide softball line along with an adjustable wrist strap.

So, you can take it and you pull the knots to tighten and then you pull the tab to loosen it giving you that custom fit. Every inning you’ll also notice is white which is the most popular color with a subtle hint of mint around the welting.

All Heart of the Hide softball gloves features our thermoform wrist opening for extra comfort along with our deer-tan cowhide palm liner.

This glove is great for anyone who’s looking to up their game on the field next season.


DESIGNED FOR INFIELD PLAYERS, this Heart of the Hide 11. 75-inch Pro I Web glove will give you the confidence to handle any ground ball that comes your way
STRONG AND DURABLE due to the Pro Grade leather laces and padded thumb sleeve
COMFORTABLE FEEL thanks to the deer-tanned cowhide palm lining and soft full-grain finger back linings
Right-Hand Throw = Left Hand Glove, Left Hand Throw = Right-Hand Glove
Right-Hand Orientation = Right-Hand Throw / Left-Hand Orientation = Left-Hand Throw


  • Back: Adjustable Pull Strap
  • Fit: Narrow
  • Level: Adult
  • Lining: Shell Leather Palm
  • Padding: Moldable
  • Pattern:71SB
  • Player Break-In:35
  • Series: Heart of the Hide
  • Shell: Horween Featherlight Leather
  • Sport: Softball
  • Technology: Dual Core
  • Throwing Hand: Right
  • Web: Basket
  • Age Group: Pro/College, High School,14U
Rawlings Heart of The Hide Dual Core Youth Fastpitch Softball Glove Series
Rawlings Heart of The Hide Dual Core Youth Fastpitch Softball Glove Series

Rawlings Liberty Advanced Color Series Softball Gloves

Rawlings U | Heart of The Hide 12-Inch Softball Gloves


This series is made up of over ten separate patterns and there are going to size ranging from a small 11 and three-quarter-inch infield design like this one right here.

All the way up to an extra-large 13-inch outfield pattern like this one right here. This series also has 33-inch catcher’s mitts. Each one of these patterns is also going to range in color.

This series has Red, Blue, Navy, and Black patterns. Each one of these gloves is constructed out of Rawlings full grain oil-treated leather shell. Which comes with an 80% factory break-in.

So that you have a game-ready glove right out of the box inside of these gloves Ron has applied both their dear tan cowhide which is extremely comfortable. And then you’ve also got the Poron XRD palm and index finger padding which is going to give you that added protection that’s needed on defense.


PITCHERS, INFIELD, AND OUTFIELD PLAYERS WILL ENJOY THIS LIBERTY ADVANCED – This fastpitch with Unique New Colorways softball glove is ideal for a player who needs a glove that will quickly break in and build a long-lasting pocket.
QUALITY FULL GRAIN LEATHER – Features a full-grain oil-treated shell leather Poron XRD palm and index finger pads that provide a game-ready feel while reducing ball impact for increased protection.
ADJUSTABLE PULL STRAP CLOSURES – Made from all leather lace for better durability and enables each player to find the ideal fit for their hand.
IDEAL FOR AVID PLAYERS FROM HIGH SCHOOL TO THE PROS – Designed with a conventional back, tension-free, and soft feel.
RIGHT-HAND THROW (Glove goes on left hand)| 70% FACTORY/30% PLAYER BREAK-IN allowing for an easy and quick break-in period, creating that game-ready feel
Rawlings Liberty Advanced Color Series
Rawlings Liberty Advanced Color Series Speed Shell Basket Web Fastpitch Softball Glove

Rawlings Liberty Advanced Series 12 Infield Softball Gloves RLA120-3WG

Rawlings | Liberty Advanced Fastpitch Softball Glove Series


Ron’s comes out with new patterns and new designs as far as from a baseball standpoint. And then just recently last earlier before they came out with some softball patterns. This year for 2020 is no different we have a bunch of softball patterns.

So, this one is going to be the Liberty events which we’ve seen games of some serious popularity have. The color series to it as well comes in different colors. This one’s going to be a release the 12-inch one you’re going to see that.

This one will be all white with a little bit of great lace to it. So, it looks really cool and the Liberty is definitely going to take a little bit less time to break in.

So, Ron’s in there, Cow does a great job will kind of define how long the glove will take to break in. And then the liberties we’re looking at are about 60% on the player and 40% on the factory which is pretty good meaning that you’re going to get it.

You need to take it to that extra next 60% of use and then ultimately the glove will close really nicely.

You can see I have some movement as far as a breakage standpoint goes. You’re also going to have on the Liberty Rawlins does a good job from there.

Hunter our level up to there like two hundred and fifty dollars in softball that it’s still going to have the same features to it.

So, it’s going to be the pull-tab feature so to make it tighter. You’re going to pull like this and then you could always tie these laces up.

And then to make it looser you just pull out like that so we were amazed when we saw that really nice glob 12 inches.

What’s going to be great for your picture or girl playing anywhere on the field that second base that shortstop third base?

We’ve seen some girls like some bigger gulps but if you’re a personal preference you like the smaller glove. Look at this glove to 12-inch clean design with that white and those gray laces.

So, we keep saying it gray seems to be the color choice for boys and girls wearing neutral colors and we saw blonde come about in the last couple of years.

I don’t think Grey’s going to be the next wave of color. So, if you’re looking for that great Club it’s going to last a really long time look no further than the new Liberty to match 12-inch white with gray laces.

The perfectly-balanced patterns of the updated Liberty Advanced Series are designed for the hand size of the female athlete to provide an improved level of control and comfort.
Pull-strap closures allow each player to find the perfect fit for their hand, These gloves provide a quick, easy break-in for a game-ready feel thanks to the 70% factory break-in, requiring only 30% player break-in.
Constructed with a hand opening and finger back adjustments to accommodate the fast pitch player Rawlings is introducing a dynamic new pattern technology to advance the fast pitch game and provide the opportunity for an upgraded level of performance.


DESIGNED FOR PITCHERS, INFIELD, AND OUTFIELD PLAYERS, this Liberty Advanced 11. 75-inch fastpitch softball glove is perfect for a utility player who needs a glove that will break in quickly and form a long-lasting pocket
QUALITY FULL GRAIN LEATHER adds durability and a comfortable feel
PULL STRAP CLOSURES allow each player to find the perfect fit to their hand
Right Hand Throw = Left Hand Glove, Left Hand Throw = Right Hand Glove
Right Hand Orientation = Right Hand Throw / Left Hand Orientation = Left Hand Throw
Rawlings Liberty Advanced Fastpitch Softball Glove Series
Rawlings | Liberty Advanced Fastpitch Softball Glove Series 

Rawlings Renegade Softball Gloves Series

Rawlings | Renegade Glove Series


With these Rawlings softball gloves, you’re going to notice that they’re going to be recommended for use with adult hands.

And you’ll see that there are three different gloves in this line we’ve got the 12-inch glove. That’s going to be utilized best by an infielder who got a 14-inch glove that’s more of a utility model but primarily going to be outfield in a pitcher.

And then we have the 15-inch H web with the double post that’s going to be recommended primarily only for outfielders.

But you’ll notice with these gloves that they come with that adjustable strap that’s going to allow you to optimize the fit and overall comfort of your glove.

With these models, they will come very broken in so you can notice that you can squeeze them right away. So, you’d be able to take it out of the box and go play catch with it right off the start.

However, I would recommend a couple of games to catch with it before you take it into a game. Just go ahead and break that in a little bit better and let it fit and feel better with your hand.

With these two this model right here this 14-inch glove you’ll see that basket leg right there it’s going to make for an excellent option for an outfielder, or pitcher.

As I touched on earlier, you’ll see that it is also very broken in as well and it’s got a very customized and comfortable feel to it on the back of the finger spells and while your fingers are in there.

Lastly, this 15-inch glove is one of the largest clubs available on the market. So, those are you looking for the biggest glove that you can possibly get, this is the one you’d want to go with.

Now with this glove, it’s got a little bit of a different setup on the back you’ve got to work with that too. Open it up and adjust it to provide a little bit more comfort as opposed to the Velcro strap that you’ll just open up.


Designed as a utility glove for any position, this renegade 13-inch FB and basket web baseball and softball glove has a game ready feel right out of the box thanks to the 90 percent Rawlings factory break-in
Ideal for recreational baseball, slowpitch softball, and fastpitch softball players
Durable and lightweight pro mesh back design for optimal balance, added quickness, and shape retention
Extra comfort and protection thanks to the high-density cushioned palm and index finger pads
Right-hand throw = left-hand glove, left-hand throw = right-hand glove
Right-hand orientation = right-hand throw / left-hand orientation = left-hand throw


Rawlings Renegade Gloves are designed for players of various ages and skill levels. But are recommended to be used in recreational baseball and slowpitch softball. These gloves let players scoop up grounders and grab fly balls with relative ease.


Various models in this series will feature either a padded Velcro wrist strap or a pull strap with ZeroShock sting reduction technology that allows every player to create a customized fit around their wrist and hand that is most comfortable.


With the flexible shell, mesh back, and soft lining materials, catching is made easy with the Renegade Glove series. A 90% factory break-in means the glove is game-ready right out of the box and requires little player break-in!

All right guys this is all about Rawlings’s softball gloves. If you have any questions leave them in the comment box below.

Rawlings | Renegade Glove Series
Rawlings | Renegade Glove Series 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What size glove for 10-year-old softball?

For a 10-year-old softball player, a glove size of 10 to 11 inches is typically appropriate. Make sure the glove is comfortable and fits well to help them develop proper catching and fielding skills.

What glove does Mike Trout use?

As of my last update in September 2022, Mike Trout used the “Nike Diamond Elite Pro” baseball glove for his outfield play. However, please note that equipment preferences may change over time, so it’s best to check for the latest information if available.

How do I know what size softball glove I need?

To determine the right size softball glove, measure from the top of the index finger to the heel of the glove. For infielders and outfielders, opt for 11.5-12.5 inches; for pitchers, 11.5-12 inches; and for catchers, 33.5-34.5 inches.

Is there a difference between baseball and fastpitch gloves?

Yes, there is a difference between baseball and fastpitch gloves. Fastpitch gloves are generally designed with a smaller and shallower pocket to accommodate the smaller softball, while baseball gloves have a larger and deeper pocket to suit the larger baseball.

How do you pick a youth softball glove?

To pick a youth softball glove, consider the player’s age, position, and glove size (usually 10-12 inches). Look for lightweight, flexible gloves made of durable material with a snug fit. Try different gloves to find one that feels comfortable and allows easy ball control.

How do you measure a child’s hand for a softball glove?

To measure a child’s hand for a softball glove, use a tape measure to determine the distance from the base of their palm to the tip of their middle finger. This measurement corresponds to the glove size, typically ranging from 9 to 11.5 inches.

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