Snowboard Boot Laces 2023

Matt Guff

Hey everybody it’s Matt from The House.  In this review, we’re going to talk about the different styles of snowboard boot laces systems. Let’s check these things out.

[Note:] The most important thing is that when you’re choosing boots do not let the lacing system be the reason you buy a boot. No matter what the lacing system, no matter what the color no matter what the company. The boot that fits you, is the best. That’s the boot that’s best for your day of riding. So, try your boots on.

  • Make sure that they fit nicely and tight.
  • Make sure they’re holding your heel in.
  • Make sure that they’re comfortable.

One of the biggest questions you always get is which style of lacing for a boot is the best and whether are they durable and how they work we’re basically going to kind of run you through all the different styles.

Hopefully, this gives you all the information you need to make the correct decision when it comes to buying a pair of boots.

All right first up we’re going to check out

ThirtyTwo 3XD.

This one is my favorite boot this one is your standard lacing style. Obviously tried, and tested. The way that we still lace up most of our boots and our shoes with the standard lacing systems.

One of the things that I personally like is that you actually get your three lacing zones so you can fully customize them.

How this boot fits feels a little tight down. You can loosen up the bottom and still crank down the heel which is the most important thing.

When it comes to boots you always need your heel locked in and held in and then the top part if it feels a little too tight you can loosen it.

If you want it tighter for a stiffer feel tighten it down. If you want it looser for a park feel more flexible you can loosen it up.

But it really gives you that option to lace those three different zones a little differently and then it allows them to throw things.

Like 32 and DC some of the companies do things like their tongue tension systems. Where you actually have a lace that goes right through the side allows you to really crank that heel down and really lock it in.

But yeah, standard snowboard boot laces they’re not dead and they’re actually a majority of the boots out there still have standard laces.

All right next up we’ve got the

BOA System

This DC Judge definitely one of the most popular boots. DC has been doing both for a long time. The Boa is basically cranked and you get metal cables.

Sometimes they use cords. It just depends on the company and you know what style they like to use. But super durable really easy too you pull the boa out it loosens up and then to tighten it down you just push it in and crank it down.

This thing’s got an 11 to 1 gear ratio on it. So, you can really crank these things down. Great for kids or if you don’t have enough strength to really pull your boots real tight these things you can really crank them down and really lock your foot in.

Some boots have this single ball. You basically get that single lacing zone where you basically tighten up the whole boot.

These have got the dual boa so you can actually customize the top and the bottom. Make the boot feel the way you want it to feel.

But the biggest question on these are they durable? Boa offers a lifetime warranty on its products. They’re super easy to get the pieces and parts for and replace if you need to.

But I think working in a shop, I see maybe one every two years. So not a big deal they’re definitely a nice durable product.

And you can really crank these things in.  If it feels a little too tight basically pop it out push it back in and then just dial it right in something.

You can even do it with gloves on pretty easily as well So, the Boa system.

All right last time I’m gonna check out this

Vans Envato OG.  

So, this is a pretty cool boot because we’re actually using standard lacing and we’re using boa.

You’re gonna see this in the Vans boots. It’s got a few models. K2 I think Ride even too. Where they’re actually incorporating the boa as a secondary piece to the Lacing and I think this is actually a really cool use of the bowl myself. Because with this one you get that standard lace.

So, you can really customize how your boot flexes and how it feels. But the boa actually goes across the ankles. So inside you can actually see the cables go through just where the ankle is.

So, the most important part of a snowboard boot laces system is at the ankle where it holds you in. Because if your foot lifts up inside your boots can cause you to get cramps in your calves.

It can cause your arches to get sore and cause your toes to get tired throughout the day just because you’re using those muscles to try to keep your foot down inside your boots. So, with this, you lace up your boot and then you can really crank that ankle in and really lock that ankle.

It basically focuses all that energy right there on the ankles. So, you’ll see a few models of what I say. you’ll see a few models of boots out there from companies and it’s a really cool use of trying not to just use a bow or just use laces or really getting everything set.

So, you can perfectly dial in that boot. All right. Well, thanks for checking out the different styles of snowboard boot laces.

And as long as those things fit right and they feel right that’s definitely the best boot for you. If you’ve got any questions about any of these boots that we have here leave us a comment down below. We’re on there every day answering.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you replace the laces on the snowboard boots?

Yes, you can replace laces on snowboard boots. Many snowboard boot models feature replaceable laces, making it easy to swap them out when needed.

How long are snow boot laces?

Snow boot laces typically range from 50 to 72 inches (127 to 183 cm) in length, allowing for adjustments and secure fastening to accommodate various boot sizes and styles.

How do you tie snowboard boot laces?

Thread the laces through the bottom eyelets, pulling them tight. Then, lace the boots in a crisscross pattern, ensuring they’re snug but not too tight. Finally, tie a secure double knot at the top.

How do I keep my snowboard boot laces tight?

Use double knots when lacing your snowboard boots to prevent them from loosening during rides. Additionally, ensure a snug fit by tightening the laces properly.

Can you replace the laces with elastic?

Yes, you can replace traditional laces with elastic laces for improved comfort and convenience. Elastic laces allow for easy slip-on and secure fit without the need for tying.

Can you replace the laces with Boas?

Yes, you can replace traditional laces with a Boa closure system. Boa systems utilize a dial to adjust the closure, providing a secure and customizable fit without the need for laces.

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