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Matt Guff

Hello, I’m Matt Guff and today you’re going to learn all about the 2023 Vans snowboard boots lineup.

Vans coming at you with a lot of hotness for the season. I wanted to take a little bit of time to go over some categories that Vans is offering. For the 2023 season, I’m going to walk through the four main categories that they have.

The three liners and the three insoles that they have. And you know hopefully, you can get just a broad overview of what Vans is going to be offering for the season.

I’ve been a huge fan of vans and you know I like van shoes, like advanced vans snowboard boots. I like Vans casual boots. I like a lot of stuff that vans do and so this is kind of just it.

Vans Invado OG Snowboard Boots

The invade is a new addition to the Vans ranges this season. And it’s aimed at riders looking for a great value boot. That’s gonna deliver an exceptional foothold but with a more easygoing ride.

Now, taking its styling cues from the iconic high standard. This boot comes in about 5/4 stiffness. So that makes it perfect for riders who want a more easily relaxed feel but who also want a little bit more performance.

Okay,  so the key feature of Envato is the closure system. Really what you’ve got with this, is a combination of a traditional lace for the main closure system and a hybrid bower with the custom slide guide.

Vans Invado OG Snowboard Boots 2023

Now, this traditional lace just kind of gives you all the advantages that traditional lace gives you. In terms of you can have this boot as tight or as loose as you want it to be.

Now that is really made possible by the addition of this hybrid boa system. 

That custom slide guide is attached to the side-mounted bower. So what that does, is when you tighten this bower up, it pulls in the tension on this slide guide. So what that’s going to do is pull your foot right back into the shell and lock your heel back into the liner.

Vans Hybrid Plus Boa – The Hybrid Plus system expands the range of flex control by adding an extra Boa pass around the back of the boot and across the instep to optimize the lines of pull and maximize flex control.

If you reduce heel lifting the liner, you’re gonna have a boot that’s just a lot more dynamic and a lot more responsive.

What the custom slide guide also allows you to do is you can actually move it along anywhere across the front of the foot.

It’s just going to give you the opportunity to really dial in this boot to pull your foot back in exactly the right place so you can have that tension and still retain a load of comfort in this boot.

I’m just gonna make the boot work really really well. What you’ve also got on this outer as well is this instep flex zone.

Although you’ve got the foot locked down in the boot as well, this instep flex zone it’s just going to allow the boot to flex more naturally and it’s going to work very similarly to an articulated cuff but not as much obviously.

It’s a much lower-priced boot. So it’s just going to give you a smoother progression forward and it’s also going to help prevent the boot from breaking down after repeated use as well.

You’ve also got on this pleasure cuff which is this soft padded area at the back of the boot.

That’s just going to help prevent calf bite, just make the boot a little bit more comfortable to ride.

On the bottom, the sole unit utilizes the v1 waffle lug outsole. This outsole unit just gives the boot the appearance of that traditional Vans vulcanized sole.

But it also has a really good traction and it also gives a really good feel of the board as well.

So, this is a boot that’s going to hold your foot great but it’s also going to let you know what’s happening underneath your feet as well.

You’ve also got in this the all-new improved heat retention 360 system. Now, that heat retention system is a heat retention material that wraps over the full front of the foot and between the sole unit and the foot as well.

It’s just gonna help keep the foot warm in those icy cold conditions that you get in early and mid-winter.

Now,  internally it utilizes the v1 ultra cush liner. That ultra cush liner is held securely in place by the v1 harness. The v1 harness is the most basic of all the vans liners but it does a really good job of just pulling the liner back into the shell and helping retain the heel.

It’s just going to give you a really responsive fit. The liner utilizes a heat moldable foam so, if you heat this liner up it’s going to give a great custom fit.

We can do this in-store or we’ve got videos online to show you how to do it at home if you want to do it at home as well.

So, as I said it’s a dual-density foam lined with Vans’s ultra cush interior so that ultra cush just gives a really well-damped ride and just aids the overall comfort of the boot.

You’ve also got a neoprene section around the front of the liner that just takes the pressure off the front of the toes.

Again all just helping to create a more comfortable overall ride. The footbed utilizes the pop kush liner so this is made of vans exclusive pop kush foam.

It’s got a ventilated sole unit just to let the airflow through the footbed really well. 3d molding and as you can see here lots of dampening so that’s just going to hold the foot really well.

Gives you lots of support and just makes for an overall really comfortable boot. There you have it the Envato OG if you’re after a great value-for-money boot that’s just going to give an exceptional foothold but still give you a really mellow smooth progressive ride. you can’t really go much wrong with this.


Flex Rating – 4-6/10


V1 UltraCush Liner – The V1 liner is amazingly simple, delivering comfort and essential support in a streamlined design. It is Vans’ most flexible liner, built to be functional and forgiving for riders of all levels. With Smartwool


Vans Custom Slide Guide – Anatomical shape provides adjustable fit anywhere along the instep area for added comfort and unrivaled heel hold.


V1 POPCUSH Footbed – Single-density POPCUSH construction / 3D-molded anatomical shape / Airflow perforations / Nylex moisture-wicking top sheet


V1 Waffle Lug – The original Vans waffle outsole is an iconic skate classic. And with the introduction of the V1 Waffle


Vans Aura OG Snowboard Boots

This is a pair of 2019 vans Aura OG or what you know gangsta snowboard boots. These Vans snowboard boots actually designed for all my freestyle and used for basically anyone from beginner to advanced level riders. 

A  lot of people who are just a little bit advanced we’re really gonna fall in love with them. But doesn’t want you over on it you can ride them on groomers you can ride them at the park.

You go everywhere with them and they have a feel and flex a bit softer than average so they’re going to be comfortable right out of the box.

Vans Aura OG Snowboard Boots 2023

So about a four or five on the Flex rating scale, the lacing system for the aura OG is actually both. This is a bull-oiler-style system a little bit better than a classic boa.

It’s a dial real with a steel-style cable.

The cool part about the reel is that when you loosen it you unlock it and it’s easy to get in and out of but also coils it back in so you don’t have to coil it up so much when you’re tightening it.

Vans has been making boots for 25 years in the longest-running snowboard boot brand.

That’s been using Boa and actually has less than a one percent return rate with the Boa style system and the Boa is actually a feature on the lifetime warranty.

So if you fall into that one percentile you can get them fixed up and it won’t cost you a thing. The Shoe is actually a kind of synthetic style material bridging resistant style upper niche.

little loop to pull the boots on of course there’s a little flex notch in the instep and then there’s also heat retention they’re not just underneath your footbed but also engulfing and encapsulating this toe box.

It keeps the heat in and the cold out. There’s a little bit of a back state and then of course a comfort kind of fit style cuff so you’re not gonna get a lot of harsh material jamming into your heel.

The outsole is actually pretty cool.  This is called the v1 waffle saw it kind of looks like a vulcanized escape outsole.

It is actually pretty dope but it’s rubber because the full rubber has inverted waffles. It’s gonna grip really well and give you a lot of great board feel.

 inside of the shoe is actually the v1 style harness. It’s pretty plain and simple.  It actually tightens this liner and has a lockdown lacing system.

Aura OG actually has this little flex section that combats having odd pressure points. You can put this in any position that you want to you.

So when you tighten down your English strap you’ll feel less odd pressure and then inside it’s just a one-liner. The v1 liner of course moldable to do a density style foam internal style J bars.

One cool thing about it is there’s actually Belk Road just on one section of the top. The reason for that is it keeps a tongue in place but when you tighten it Anabella real it actually kind of like helps the liner’s tongue wrap around.

The internal part of the boot is actually kind of cool. There’s a comfortable flex-style toe box. If you bottom out there’s a little bit of gift there and then inside of this is a v1 footbed. Now, this is v2. These are sample-style boots that didn’t come with the v1.

But imagine this right here with the black it’s the v1 is a single-density foam that has perforations and then a moisture-wicking style top with a little bit of arch support and a little bit of a heel cradle.


Flex Rating – 4-5/10


V1 Harness – Vans’ lightest and simplest harness is designed to ensure effective support and heel hold when paired with the V1 liner.


V1 UltraCush Liner – The V1 liner is amazingly simple, delivering comfort and essential support in a streamlined design. It is Vans’ most flexible liner, built to be functional and forgiving for riders of all levels. With Smartwool

Vans Aura OG Boot Liner

Instep Flex Zone – The Instep Flex Zone functions to maintain natural ankle flexion in your boot, whether in or out of your bindings.


Vans Boa Coiler – This tongue-mounted single reel system utilizes a spring-loaded spool to automatically retract cable slack for quick and efficient closure. Cable guides are designed to optimize closure force in specific areas of the boot.


V1 POPCUSH Footbed – Single-density POPCUSH construction / 3D-molded anatomical shape / Airflow perforations / Nylex moisture-wicking top sheet

Vans Aura OG Pop Cush Foot Bed


V1 Waffle Lug – The original Vans waffle outsole is an iconic skate classic. And with the introduction of the V1 Waffle Lug outsole, Vans pays tribute to the timeless vulcanized look that put them on the map.

Hi-Standard Linerless DX

This is the advanced Hi-Standard Linerless DX. As you can see on the outside of the boot traditional laces up.

The front features a soft flex rating and it’s going to be geared toward your intermediate to the advanced-level rider who was looking for a soft and forgiving boot to ride the park in.

Hi-Standard Linerless DX 2023

On the outside of the boot, it features a power cuff strap on the top. It allows you to really crank that thing down and get your calf planted in the top of the boot. 

On the outsole of the boot, it features a reverse waffle outsole. Really grippy pattern on here. Just gonna allow this boot to be really good to hike around in the backcountry. And set up a street spot you’re not going to worry about slipping around in these boots.

As the name suggests it doesn’t feature a liner. So, pretty unique construction on this boot. it’s just gonna allow it to feel really natural.  Not like a bulky snowboard boot.

So you’re gonna have a lot of freedom in this thing. These are going -to be a definite freestyle boot with a lot of flexibility to tweak grabs and press and slide rails.


  • Street and park boot that offers an exceptional board feel
  • Traditional lace closure provides consistent retention
  • The linerless design creates a low-profile boot and closer contact
  • Added power strap hugs your shin for precise control
  • Cushioning and support are built right into the upper
  • V1 outsole provides a reliable binding connection

Tech Specs

Upper Materialsynthetic
Closuretraditional lace
Linernone (Linerless Technology)
V1 Waffle Lug
FootbedV1 PopCush
Claimed Weight[pair, size 10.5] 4lb 10oz
Activitypark & freestyle snowboarding

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to fit van snowboard boots?

Wear snowboarding socks, loosen laces, slide foot into boots, ensure a snug fit without pressure points, tighten laces progressively, and flex ankles to check movement. Walk around to assess comfort and make adjustments if necessary.

Are Vans boots good for winter?

Yes, Vans boots can be good for winter, but it depends on the specific model. Some Vans boots offer decent insulation and traction for mild winter conditions, but they may not be suitable for extreme cold or heavy snow. Consider their features and reviews before purchasing.

Are vans MTE 1 good for snow?

Yes, Vans MTE 1 shoes are designed for all-weather conditions, including snow. They feature enhanced traction and weather-resistant materials, making them suitable for snowy conditions.

What are Mondo snowboard boots?

Mondo snowboard boots are a type of snowboarding footwear sized in centimeters, measuring the foot’s length. They provide a precise fit and are commonly used in the snowboard industry as an alternative to traditional shoe sizing.

How to choose beginner snowboard boots?

Choose beginner snowboard boots that fit snugly but not too tight. Look for soft to medium flex, simple lacing systems or BOA closures, and comfortable liners. Try on multiple brands to find the best fit for your feet.

How do I know my snowboard boot size?

To determine your snowboard boot size, measure your foot length in centimeters and match it to the appropriate size on the manufacturer’s size chart. Make sure to consider the type of socks you’ll be wearing while snowboarding.

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