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Brittany Mellander

In this article, I’m going to talk with you about this season’s top 5 Womens snowboard jackets. If this is your first time tuning in welcome I’m Brittany and I’m a part of the adventure junkies team.  

Now, on to what you guys really tuned in for our top 5 snowboard jacket picks our first pick is our top overall snowboard jacket.

1: Top Overall Snowboard Jacket – Patagonia Powder Bowl

Top Overall Snowboard Jacket is offered in both men’s and women’s versions. The Patagonia powder bowl. This jacket combines bomb-proof construction and gore-tex waterproofing to make for a versatile companion sure to last you many seasons.

Patagonia designed this hard shell to be waterproof, breathable, and roomy enough that you can layer under features including watertight zippers pit Zips, and a helmet-compatible hood plus plenty of pockets for carrying everything you need for a long day out on the mountain.

Its standout backcountry-specific feature is the Recco reflector which provides an added degree of safety when you’re riding in the country.

What I like most about this jacket is that it’s made from 100 recycled face fabric but what I don’t care so much about this one is how heavy it is. Weighing in at over 30 ounces.

2: Best Budget Pick – REI Co-op Powderbound

Our second womens snowboard jacket is our best choice for those of you men and women riders who might be on a relatively tighter budget. The REI Co-op powderhound for 200.

It is possible to get your hands on a quality jacket made to withstand, the elements and keep you warm.

The Powderhound features a relaxed longer fit coveted by many snowboarders. The brain’s proprietary peak two-layer waterproof membrane doesn’t have the same lasting protection as gore-tex alternatives but it definitely does its duty.

This jacket features 80 grams of synthetic insulation in the core and 60 grams throughout your extremities to cut down a little bit on bulk.

What I like most about the Powderhound is that its fair trade zone and blue sign approved a testament to REI’s dedication to sustainability.

What I don’t care about this jacket is that the hood isn’t exactly helmet compatible. Meaning it will work with some lower-profile helmets but definitely won’t fit comfortably over all of them.

3: Best Women’s-Specific Jacket – Volcom Aris Insulated

Our third selection is the best snowboard jacket specifically fit for women, the Volcom Aris insulated. If

If you’re a lady shredder looking for something a bit more flattering than your traditional jacket consider this one.

Designed the Arias with a

gore-tex shell and 80 grams of artificial insulation effective at keeping you both warm and dry. It features that make this so appealing especially to women of various shapes and sizes include the adjustable cuffs.

The adjustable hood and the adjustable hem. There are also waterproof zippers pit zips and tricot line pockets too.

What I like the most about this jacket is that it’s stylish enough for wearing out on the slopes and for wearing around the town.

What I don’t care about the heiress is that it’s not it doesn’t have quite as many pockets as comparable alternatives. Making this one a bit of a less-than-ideal choice for those of you who like to how do we say it, carry the kitchen sink out into the backcountry.

4: Best For Resort Riding – Burton Covert Insulated

The fourth snowboard jacket we chose is the best choice for resort riding. The burton covert insulated.

When you stay inside the resort bounds there’s no reason to invest in an expensive backcountry-specific jacket instead consider this one.

The Burton Covert is everything you’d want in a snowboard jacket for resort riding. Then some with 80 grams of insulation in the core and 60 grams in the sleeves.

It’s also one of the warmest jackets we’ve ridden. In there are plenty of pockets, a removable powder gaiter, a helmet-compatible hood, and pit zips for effective venting.

What I like the most about this jacket is, that the fit is really versatile making for a product that’s well-suited to snowboarders of all heights and sizes.

What I don’t care about the covert is how heavy. It is topping this list at 35 ounces.

5: Best Technical Shell For Snowboarding – Arc’teryx Sabre AR

 My last selection is the Best Technical Shell For Snowboarding – Arc’teryx Sabre AR.  If you’re looking for a premium shell that’s both lightweight and bombproof look no further this is the crèmede la crème.

Arc’teryx is known for its attention to detail. The Sabre is no exception to this. the jacket features super waterproof three-layer gore-tex and a flannel-like lining. That’s really comfy against your skin.

The height in your face fabric makes this thing super resistant to abrasion and there are plenty of pockets, watertight zippers, and a helmet-compatible hood to round off the features

What I like most about the saber is how much mobility it offers. Never seeming to restrict your range of motion.

What I don’t care about this jacket is how expensive it is topping this list at nearly 700. If you want to check out any of these womens snowboard jackets for yourself you can totally do so by simply looking for the links

included in the article.

Happy Hiking

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a difference between a ski jacket and a snowboard jacket?

Generally, ski jackets and snowboard jackets serve the same purpose of providing warmth, waterproofing, and breathability. However, snowboard jackets may have extra features like longer cuts, baggier fits, and additional padding on shoulders and elbows, designed for the specific movements and style associated with snowboarding.

What are snowboard jackets called?

Snowboard jackets are commonly known as “snowboarding jackets.” These specialized jackets are designed to protect snowboarders from the cold, snow, and moisture while allowing freedom of movement and providing insulation to keep them warm on the slopes.

Are snowboard jackets supposed to be baggy?

Snowboard jackets can vary in fit, but they are generally designed with a slightly relaxed or baggy fit. This allows for ease of movement and layering underneath to keep the rider warm and comfortable on the slopes.

Are insulated jackets good for snowboarding?

Yes, insulated jackets are excellent for snowboarding as they provide warmth and comfort in cold conditions. They trap body heat and keep you insulated from the chilly weather, ensuring an enjoyable and safe snowboarding experience.

How should a snowboarding jacket fit?

A snowboarding jacket should fit snugly but not too tight, allowing freedom of movement. It should cover your lower back and wrists, with adjustable cuffs and a secure closure. Ensure enough room for layering without being too bulky.

Is a puffer jacket OK for skiing?

Yes, a puffer jacket can be suitable for skiing as long as it provides enough insulation and is water-resistant. Layering underneath is essential for warmth, and ensure it allows for movement and doesn’t restrict your range of motion on the slopes.

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