Best football cleats for wide feet 2023

Matt Guff

Sometimes you can have wide feet but the given shape of any specific football boot might actually work for your foot type even though it’s not necessarily considered a wide pair of football boots.

For example, plenty of people with wide feet can fit into a Nike Premiere and that’s because most football cleats are designed to fit most people.

It’s a matter of trying them on and seeing how they fit and feel. A football boot fits your foot comfortably you happen to have wide feet and it’s not technically supposed to be the best football cleats for wide feet none of that matters as long as you’re comfortable.

That’s what’s important. So definitely keep that in mind not every football boot is going to fit your foot perfectly but when you find the right ones, you’ll feel it.

These are the top 4 best football cleats for wide feet in 2023. If you’re interested in picking up any of them you can get them from Amazon.

Adidas Copa Mundial

So, if you’ve got wide feet in no particular order here are the boots you should consider. If you have wide feet the classic Adidas Copa Mundial is a no-brainer.

It’s been available for as long as I’ve been alive and will continue to be available for the foreseeable future.

What this boot doesn’t have compared to a lot of the other cleats on this list is a modern feel. It’s very old-school in terms of its overall shape as well as the materials used.

best football cleats for wide feet adidas Men's Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe 2023


SOFT COMFORTPremium K-leather in the forefoot keeps you comfortable and delivers a silky touch.
TRACTION ON FIRM GROUNDMolded studs dig in to keep you in control on firm ground.
CUSHIONED RIDEA die-cut EVA midsole distributes stud pressure across the sole to keep you flying.


The greater the challenge, the brighter you shine. With a name that echoes through modern soccer history, these Adidas Copa Mundial Shoes are built for the big-time. Crafted to deliver a world-class fit and touch, they have a premium K-leather forefoot for step-in comfort and assured control. A foam midsole cushions every step.


  • Regular fit
  • Lace closure
  • Premium K-leather forefoot
  • Firm ground soccer cleats
  • Outsole for the firm, natural ground
  • Die-cut EVA midsole
  • Imported
  • Product color: Black / Cloud White / Black

The soleplate and stud pattern underfoot definitely feels a little bit different than what you’re probably used to.

If you’ve never worn a football boot like this of course the full kangaroo leather upper has the ability to stretch and form to your wide feet and in general, if you’re just after comfort, value, and great overall quality for wide footers this is definitely a football cleat that you won’t be unhappy with.

If you have really low arches, the extra width that you’re going to find is because of the shape as well as the off-center lacing system. Should lend itself well to overall comfort.

Adidas Men's Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe

adidas Men's Adizero Football Cleats

adidas Unisex-Adult X Speedportal.3 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

adidas Men's X 18.2 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

The Puma Future Z 1.2

The Puma Future Z 1.2 is another knitted option in the wide football cleats category that I think is particularly good for somebody that has a wide midfoot.

What you’re going to find here as kind of a signature feature is this fusion fit plus band highlighted here in neon yellow. You can see the lacing system kind of dances around it and that there’s not really any tension being pulled on the upper there.

PUMA - Mens Future Z 1.2 Fg/Ag Shoes   
one of the best football cleats for wide feet   2023


Take the pitch by storm in these stand-out football boots. Unbeatable features, including PUMA’s FUZIONFIT compression band, ultra-lightweight materials, a textured upper for ball grip and the Dynamic Motion System outsole combine to create the perfect conditions for freedom of movement, to keep your game as dynamic as can be.


  • Low boot
  • Flexible, textured upper to enhance ball grip
  • Dynamic Motion System outsole for freedom of movement and support
  • Ultra lightweight Peba base material for support and comfort
  • Advanced stud configuration for enhanced multidirectional traction
  • FG/AG: Firm Ground/Artificial Ground
  • Lace closure for a snug fit
  • PUMA Cat Logo on the tongue


  • FUZIONFIT: PUMA’s adaptive compression band for unparalleled fit and lock-down

That’s because this elasticated material is free to stretch and expand as much as it needs to base on the shape of your foot.

Making this really comfortable for somebody with wider feet or maybe even just lower arches. Because there’s nothing squeezing your foot in that area because of the way they’ve done the lacing system.

You’ll also find that the knitted upper through the forefoot is nicely padded and has a decent shape to it in terms of good width and volume. In that area of the foot and plenty of depth through the heel as well.

If you’re a little bit wider there, in general, this is one of those football cleats that will fit pretty much everybody quite well. But if you have wide feet, in particular, you should find these quite comfortable.

PUMA - Mens Future Z 1.2 Fg/Ag Shoes

PUMA Men's Future Z 4.4 Firm Artificial Ground Sneaker

PUMA Men's Future Z 3.3 Soccer Shoe

PUMA Men's Future Z 1.1 Mxsg Football Shoe

The Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Pro

The Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite is the widest of the inline football cleats that Nike currently makes and of course, when you pair that up with a mostly kangaroo leather upper you’re going to have that freedom for the upper to stretch and form to the shape of your feet.

Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Pro 2023


PERFECT FIT FOR LEGENDARY TOUCHThe Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite FG takes the legendary touch of premium kangaroo leather and adds foot-hugging Quadfit mesh in the lining and a wraparound Flyknit tongue that feels supportive under your arch.
Perfect Fit
A Quadfit mesh lining hugs your foot for a comfortable feel right out of the box. The Flyknit tongue wraps under your arch for a supportive feel.
Premium Leather TouchThe soft premium kangaroo leather is left unstitched for a touch unlike any other. A textured forefoot and All Conditions Control (ACC) technology gives you control in wet and dry conditions.
Stable TractionThe lightweight Hyperstability plate gives you stability and reliable multidirectional traction on firm-ground fields. NikeGrip technology on the sock liner helps lock your foot in place within the cleat.

Product Details

  • Foam sock liner
  • Best for use on slightly wet short-grass fields
  • Shown: Platinum Tint/Rage Green
  • Style: AT5293-030

Allowing for that little bit of extra width should you need it the nice deep central lacing system again lends itself well towards having plenty of adjustabilities and other than the one-piece enclosure that can make putting them on a little bit more difficult than they perhaps need to be.

It’s a football boot that once it’s on your feet will work really well for most foot types but especially if your feet are a little bit wider from both a comfort and a fit perspective really solid option if you’re after a speed boot and have wider feet.

Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Pro

Nike Phantom Vsn 2 Elite

Nike Mens Alpha Menace Shark Football Cleats

Nike Vapor Edge Pro 360 Mens Football Cleat

Nike Premiere 3

It’s an extremely affordable option the least expensive football cleat on this entire list.

The Nike Premiere 3 is a really solid option for wider foot types similar to other leather cleats that I’ve featured.

In this review, you have a full kangaroo leather upper a central lacing system with a standalone tongue allowing for plenty of expansion and a base shape.

In general, that’s not super narrow so while there might be some break in time in terms of giving that leather a little bit of time to stretch as you wear them in.

Nike JR Premier III FG-R Youth Soccer Shoes best football cleats for wide feet 2023


  • Rubber sole
  • Soft, PVC-free synthetic leather.
  • High-density, die-cut recycled EVA sock liner.
  • Injected rubber combining conical forefoot studs and bladed studs on the heel for optimal traction and stud pressure reduction.
  • An entry-level boot for the recreational youth player. For use on firm natural surfaces.


Premium kangaroo leather in the upper is soft for the heightened touch.
The fold-over tongue features a cut line to let you choose between a traditional or modernized look.
The rubberized outsole provides the traction you need for high speeds.

It’s one of those football cleats that once broken in if you do have wide feet, should feel really comfortable for you not to mention.

And then finally and this is a very important thing to keep in mind when picking out a new pair of football cleats especially if you classify yourself as having wide feet is that you can’t generalize a type of football boot or a brand of football boots as all fitting the same way.

Nike JR Premier III FG-R Youth Soccer Shoes

  • Rubber sole

  • Soft, PVC-free synthetic leather.

  • High-density

Nike Men's Tiempo Genio II Leather Fg Soccer Cleat

  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole

  • Leather

  • Synthetic sole.

Nike Jr. Mercurial Victory VI FG Soccer Cleats

  • ideal combo of speed and performance

  • bold look

  • synthetic leather

NIKE Magista Orden FG Soccer Cleats

  • fabric-and-synthetic

  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole

  • EVA sockliner for comfort

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Adidas football cleats good for wide feet?

Adidas football cleats often offer models specifically designed for wide feet, providing good options for players who need extra room and comfort. However, it’s essential to check the individual product specifications and reviews to ensure the best fit.

Do wide feet need bigger shoes?

Yes, individuals with wide feet typically need wider shoes to ensure proper fit and comfort. Wearing shoes that are too narrow can lead to discomfort and foot-related issues. It’s essential to find the right shoe width for your foot to avoid discomfort and promote foot health.

Are Nike cleats good for wide feet?

Nike offers some cleats designed for wide feet, like the Nike Phantom GT and Nike Tiempo Legend. However, fit can vary, so trying them on is recommended to ensure comfort and performance.

Are bigger cleats better?

Bigger cleats are not necessarily better. The effectiveness of cleats depends on the sport, field conditions, and personal preference. In some cases, smaller cleats offer more stability, while larger ones provide better traction on soft surfaces.

How do I make my football cleats wider?

It’s not recommended to alter football cleats yourself as it can affect performance and safety. Instead, consider trying different cleat models that offer wider options or consult a professional for proper fitting.

Why are football cleats so narrow?

Football cleats are designed to provide a snug and secure fit, enhancing agility and minimizing foot movement inside the shoe during quick movements. Narrowness helps reduce slippage, enhances traction, and allows players to maintain stability on the field, reducing the risk of injuries.

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