Kids Snowboard Size Chart

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Today we’re going to talk about the kids snowboard size chart”. How to choose and size a kid’s snowboard? The best way to spark a lifetime of winter stoke is to get them started young.

Beginners or very young riders will find shorter boards easier to maneuver and more fun to ride. The same goes for kids who are light for their height. For these riders choose a board that comes up to their chest.

More experienced riders will benefit from the added stability of a longer board. If your child falls into this category you can go longer and size the board closer to their chin or nose.

The reality is that kids grow fast. So, you’ll probably be tempted to size up and purchase a board with plenty of room to grow.

You can use this chart to match your child’s height and weight to target a snowboard length. Use that as a jumping-off point to find the right size. A good rule of thumb is that the snowboard should come up somewhere between your child’s chest and nose.

Snowboard Size Chart

Our advice is to avoid going too far outside the recommended range for your child’s height and weight. Although it’s not an exact science. A snowboard that seized too big can limit your child’s progression and put a serious damper on how much fun they have.

Here we know that kids keep on growing finding gear that fits properly year after year can be a challenge not to mention expensive.

A season rental can be a smart alternative to rolling the dice on your kids. You know your child best pick a board. That helps them progress and makes them stoked to go on a ride.

Snowboard Sizing Chart Based on Height

Rider Height (ft/in)Rider Height (cm)Snowboard Size (cm)

Snowboard Size Chart ( Based On Weight)

Rider Weight (lb)Rider Weight (kg)Snowboard Size (cm)
80 or less36 or less90-135
210 and up95 and up159-168

These days there are more kid snowboards than ever. Ranging from doing it-all beginner setups to more advanced freestyle and freeride boards for kids.

Who already mastered the basics of the right snowboard for your child, will depend on their riding preferences and ability level.

For younger riders and beginners, a basic all-mountain snowboard is a great place to start. Boards like the Burton Chopper Combine. A versatile twin tip or directional shape with a smooth rocker profile for catch-free turning.

These boards have a soft kid-friendly flex that’s easy to maneuver and forgiving on the snow if they have the fundamentals down but still like to do a bit of everything.

More advanced all-mountain boards like the Burton Process Smalls or Burton Yeasayer Smalls Snowboard are great tools for exploration.

These boards are built for versatility and will perform in a variety of terrain and snow conditions for kids. They spend most of their time in the train park, you may want to consider a dedicated freestyle snowboard.

Boards like CAPiTA Children Of The Gnar come with a true twin shape and a springy energetic flex so the board pops more on park jumps and features if your kid likes to explore off-trail and loves powder.

A directional freeride snowboard like the Nitro Squash will help maximize the fun. Kid’s freeride boards are often sized-down versions of popular adult models and are generally aimed at pre-teens rather than small children.

They’re a great choice for older. For more advanced riders who like to explore the whole mountain, these boards have a more directional shape, a setback stance, and more heavily rockered tips.

These features help the board perform better in fresh powder and varied terrain. But they’ll do great on groomers too.

All right that’s all about the “kids’ snowboard size chart”.  Drop any questions in the comments below. Thanks.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What size snowboard for a 7 year old boy?

For a 7-year-old boy, a snowboard size between 90cm and 110cm would be appropriate based on his height, weight, and skill level. It’s best to consult with a professional or experienced instructor for a personalized recommendation.

How to choose snowboard kids?

Choose a snowboard that matches your riding style, skill level, and height/weight. Consider factors like board length, flex, and shape. Test different boards if possible and seek advice from experienced riders.

What size snowboard for a 12-year-old boy?

For a 12-year-old boy, a snowboard size around 120-130 cm would be appropriate, depending on his height and weight. It’s essential to consider his skill level and riding style when choosing the right board length.

What size snowboard for a 5-foot boy?

For a 5-foot boy, a snowboard size around 130-140 cm would be suitable, depending on his skill level, weight, and preferred riding style. It’s essential to consult with a professional at a snowboard shop for a personalized recommendation.

How do I know my snowboard size?

Determine your snowboard size by considering your weight, height, and riding style. Generally, shorter boards are more maneuverable, while longer ones provide stability. Refer to size charts provided by snowboard manufacturers or consult with a professional for accurate sizing.

How do you measure snowboard size?

Measure snowboard size by standing the board upright, ensuring it reaches between your chin and nose. For beginners or freestyle riders, choose a shorter board; for experienced or powder riders, opt for a longer board.

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